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Social media has made it easier for friends to stay connected with each other. But with so much time on the screen, how can you tell if you really know them or their on-screen persona? It’s time to put your screens down and put your best buds to the ultimate challenge with FRIENDSENSE. The game that lets you see who’s really on your wavelength.

Anna Cevallos   AD

Leslie John  AD

Landon Watnick   AD

It’s kind of like playing JINX, but instead of getting a soda, you get bragging rights on how well you know your friends.

Collect as many cards as you can to show that you’re the ultimate friend.

Learn how to Play!

Strategy   Brand Identity   Logo design   Copywriting   Anna Cevallos

Brand Identity   Package Design   Product Design   Editing  Leslie John

Illustration   Landon Watnick

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